Telephone Systems

Business Phone Systems

The most reliable phone systems on earth.

Traditional Business Phone Systems utilize tried and true technology that always works. A central processor which properly routes all incoming and outgoing phone calls is installed in your office space.

Fully featured telephone sets give all users the ability to utilize functions such as conference calling, paging, speed dialing, speaker phones, intercom calling and much more. Voice mail systems which provide mailboxes for each user are available.

This type of system allows users to share a pool of lines, rather than going to the expense of having individual lines installed for each user. If you have a fairly typical office set-up, without offices in additional cities or without employees who work from home, this is the the most cost effective and most reliable technology available.

VoIP Phone Systems

Ideal for companies with multiple offices.

VoIP phone systems can combine the reliability of traditional phone lines with the advantages of the latest Internet technology.

If your company has multiple locations (remote branches, telecommuters, external sales offices) you are a prime candidate for VoIP. In fact, this is the primary reason for a business to consider upgrading to VoIP, as it will allow you to share the full features of your phone system across all your locations.

Even if you have one office in Utah and another in California, VoIP allows for extension-to-extension dialing between locations, making internal calls seamless — and free! For businesses that spend a lot of money on communications between locations, this alone can be an attractive enough reason to upgrade.

The hype these days is all about VoIP phone systems, and many businesses think about purchasing one without fully understanding the benefits. Unfortunately there are many myths associated with VoIP phone systems.

For example, keep in mind that installing a VoIP system is not a guaranteed way to save money — so make sure you carefully consider the costs and benefits of a VoIP phone system before you decide.

Keep in mind: Your VoIP Phone System is only as good as your Internet connection.

Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Many features with extremely minimal start-up costs.

With a traditional business phone system or a VOIP phone system, the brains of the phone system are in a box hung on the wall, routing all of your calls. But what if your phone carrier did that routing for you, instead? If so, they would be hosting your PBX, hence "Hosted PBX!" That box will actually be a large Enterprise level server, managed and controlled by the carrier in a building potentially miles away from your office. No special box to install in your office. The way a carrier can do this is by using a form of telephone traffic called VoIP. The carrier communicates and routes calls to phones in your office via the Internet. When someone calls your number, the carrier catches that call first, and then forwards it to a specific phone, multiple phones or voicemail–all via the Internet.

With Hosted PBX your phone service rides over the Internet. That gives you the potential to use your phones anywhere you have a SOLID Internet connection. Moving desks? No problem, just plug the phone into that other jack. Working from home? Plug it into your Internet connection at home. Out of state office? Different country? You get the idea.

Your calls would route to your phone the same way, no matter what. That's because your phone would be programmed to automatically ping the carrier's server to tell it where it currently is, and route calls there. Here is a great use for it: You have a California and New York office. Send one of your NY phones to California, and all calls to that NY phone will start ringing there. All phones would have a unique ext. Dial the ext of the CA phone from NY and talk to each other for free–no long distance charges.

Because the majority of the equipment is housed off-site, the start-up costs associated with Hosted PBX are often significantly lower than with traditional Business Phone Systems or VOIP Phone Systems. On the other hand, there are monthly fees paid to the hosting company.

Keep in mind: Your Hosted PBX Phone System is only as good as your Internet connection.

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